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Yilan Chair Design Competition


Yilan is a county surrounded with rich nature. Yilan County organizes the international children’s chair design competition to build a harmonious relation between Yilan’s people and its forests, and to showcase the unpretentious nature of local residents.

Theme│Children’s Chair

Open Call

1.Design the chair with Yilan elements(Note:Yilan elements include figurative colors, shapes, crafts and skills, totems, texts, and symbols  related to      Yilan; and abstract elements such as Yilan’s local history, local spirit, cultural values, and attitude towards life.)

 EntrY Rules

People who are interested in design are welcome to enroll. There is no restriction of age, occupation, place of residence and nationality.

Applicants can be individual or group, except to the extent that team members shall not exceed three.


Nominations for 2015 Yilan Chair Competition Announced.

Press Read more to see the 
nominations list!!!

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